Denise E. Morris

Greetings, my English name is Denise E. Morris & my Tlingit name is Xeetlee, I am Ganaxteidei (Raven) from Klukwan.  I am the daughter of Alice (Kasko) Morris, Tlingit Name-Keis`i.sakaa.oo & Dennis Morris, the granddaughter of Ruth (Katzeek) Kasko, Tlingit Names-Yikdatoo & Kaadaaykalat & Edwin Kasko, Tlingit Name-Suk Kees & GushTlein, Great Granddaughter of Margaret, Tlingit name-Xeetlee & Daniel Katzeek, Tlingit Names- Keet Eeshanki, Naakushta, Ooshaakw.

I have 3 kids, 1-16 year old, 1-11 year old and 1-3 year old. The 16 & 11 year old have also done the weaving, beading, Tlingit language, and other Tlingit arts & crafts.

I enjoy doing all arts and crafts from our culture beading, Chilkat & Ravenstail weaving, spruceroot & cedar basketweaving, beading patches & regalia sewing, some beginner Tlingit Language.   I learned the Chilkat & Ravenstail from Cheryl Samuel, Anna Ehlers & Lani Hotch.  I was taught basketweaving from Deloris Churchill. I learned beading & regalia from Maria Ackerman & my Grandmothers Ruth Kasko & Margaret Katzeek. Beading was the first art I learned in headstart from Maria Ackerman & Ruth Kasko.

I have done a Killerwhale chilkat piece, some ravenstail medicine bags, designed my own basket designs, and made my own drums with my own design.

I have gained many certificates & college credits from these classes, which are usually held in Klukwan through University of Alaska-Sitka.

Artist Showcase

Denise & Carrie Weaving

Denise Weaving Cedar Hat